Recession-proofing your job?

Many years ago I used to naively think that one can recession-proof his job by being loyal to the skills . What I mean being loyal to the skill is – be an expert in the area you specialize and continuously upgrade your skills to ensure market relevance. While this is necessary, is it sufficient enough?. I think not. How about the worsening macro economy or growing and never ending corporate accounting frauds that can hit you unaware. Or How about slow or no demand for your skills in the city or county where you live?. The lingo – Economic recession, meltdown, subprime, credit crunch, bankruptcy, layoffs etc – are the buzz in the recent months much to the agony of all of us.

I now wonder is there anything called recession-proofing the job in the first place?. Is it just a myth?. Is it something we humans want to believe in for our own comfort and peace, knowing very well it is non-existent in this globalized economy?. Any thoughts?.


1 Response to “Recession-proofing your job?”

  1. 1 Kesavan February 9, 2009 at 8:48 am

    There are two things

    Can you really recession proof your job with one specialised skill? Is it not advaisable to be skillful in more than one area?

    Do you need to depend on job for living a decent life – can you recession proof the life rather than the job?

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