Transition is a joint responsibility

Managing the transitioning of services from in-house team to the vendor (transition-out) is not the responsibility of vendor alone. IT managers need to recognize that transitioning is a joint effort and requires the capability, commitment and resolve from both parties – vendor and the client organization.

Majority of the client IT managers have “sign-the-contract-and-let-the-vendor-handle-the-rest” attitude and don’t participate enough during the transition phase. While the vendor’s expertise and past experience is important, transitioning is like a marriage – it needs joint commitment and effort from both parties. There are various hurdles and landmines during transitioning including – hostile and uncooperative incumbent team, cultural issues, poor transition methodology, use of inappropriate methods to measure the progress, lack of process, inadequate project knowledge base, unclear/ poor existing service levels among others – that need to be closely monitored and acted upon. While the vendor may have past experience of doing many transitions in the past, one must recognize that each transition is unique since there are two different parties involved and the challenges differ for each transaction.

Recognizing this fact by the managers is the first step in successful transition management.


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