Have breakfast or be a breakfast

“Who sells more cameras in India” was the question posed by my marketing professor Dr YLR Moorthy to the class. There were many enthusiastic hands that went up and the answers ranged from Canon, Nikon, Kodak to Sony. However, when the professor said that the largest selling camera maker in India is Nokia, it hit me hard that tomorrow’s competitors may not be the obvious traditional competitors. It can come from anywhere, anyone and any size. This emphasizes the fact that organizations need to be agile, continuously scan the landscape, innovate in products, business model and services to keep ahead of the curve.

Probably Sony never thought Apple as its competitor. Kodak never dreamt Nokia as its competitor. So who will be future competitor for Indian IT service biggies like TCS and Wipro?. Is it nimble players from other geographies like China’s NeuSoft or Mexico’s Softek? Or Is it that some new “innovation intensive products/services model” that will make the current “labour intensive IT services model” uncompetitive?. Or Is it combination of the above and more elements?. Only time will tell.

Dr YLR Moorthi’s Article


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