Quick Tips On Improving CSAT

Customer Satisfaction is the one of the most vital parameters that every project manager tracks and strives to keep it in good health. However, as a project manager how do you keep the pulse of the customer?. How do you know what customer likes and dislikes?. One way is to depend on the Project level CSAT and the Account level CSAT scores and feedback. However, these are lagging indicators and sometimes in may be too late to act. So, how do you keep the customer pulse on a dynamic and proactive basis? Below is couple of suggestions:
• Stay connected to the ground – Stay grounded and ensure your team interaction levels are high and internal review rhythms are followed. More often you will hear the issues internally and by promptly addressing it you can avoid customer escalations.
• Rely on multiple channels and informal approach – Don’t just rely on formal meetings to get all the feedback. Often the informal chats and indirect stakeholders can give you the revealing insights that you can leverage on.
• Mine Escalations – Quality and quantity of the escalations are an important parameter that every PM should have an eye on. Though this is a lagging indicator, look for patterns in escalations and address the root cause. E.g. Do you see a pattern in the escalations that’s related to basic delivery process? Then you need to strengthen your processes.
• Gauge Interaction/engagement levels – Interaction levels and engagement depth are key factors that determine customer satisfaction and interest levels. Are you invited for important meetings or proposals?. Is your opinion respected and counts?. Are you informed or consulted on important decisions? Gauge where you are in the customer decision making cycle and try to place yourself in the upstream.
• Leverage 4 quadrant framework – I suggest to use the below 4 quadrant framework to keep track of the positive (frills, delight) and negative parameters (annoy, disgust) on a monthly basis. The below diagram depicts CSAT in 4 quadrant framework for airline industry which can be easily adopted for you project needs as well. Actively work on eliminating or minimizing the annoying and disgusting factors and maximizing the frill and delight factors.

CSAT 4 quadrant


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